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As a result of the current challenging business climate, many software marketing departments have reduced in size, often with the consequence that there is a lack of strategic capability, bandwidth or both. Jay Huff Consulting was established to provide additional marketing capability as and when required. We can undertake full outsourced projects or work with your marketing department as an integral part of the team. With over 20 years of industry experience and a well established network of associates, we specialise in the creation of content and its delivery through a mix of channels.

Services include:

Corporate Communications

Creation of a wide range of content for use in client newsletters, corporate websites and as supporting material for press and analyst relations. Deliverables range from could include but are not limited to opinion pieces, thought leadership documents such as white papers, and issues driven case studies.

Product Management

Marketing support for new product introduction and subsequent new version releases. Deliverables range from product data sheets, research led material indicating the need for the new product capabilities, product PowerPoint decks and other supporting materials for clients, analysts and press. We can even take full ownership of launch events.

Product Branding

Creating value messages that break through the noise and clearly articulate and differentiate your products. This process often involves analysing competitive product messages, consolidating analyst views about the product category and interviewing key product users. The end result is a unique value proposition and a set of brand messages that form part of all future product marketing and communications activities.

Return on Investment Calculation

ROI has become a critical path in the sales cycle and yet, most companies have not developed the necessary tools to assist prospects in justifying product purchase within their organisations. Working with product management, consultants and key clients, we build ROI models that include both hard savings as well as less tangible “above the line” benefits. These models are delivered as spreadsheets or paper based worksheets.

Analyst and Press Relations   While not replacing the services provided by a press agency, we can work with client and agency to create the full set of messages and collateral required for communication to these very influential groups, often delivering the messages on the client’s behalf.  

Campaign  Management






We can provide the material to drive a campaign or outsource the campaign process itself. Lead generation campaigns require a combination of direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing services, and supporting collateral. Increasingly popular are longer running, multi-faceted campaigns where the final activity is a breakfast briefing, seminar or trade show.